After the huge success of our JoGa Beats Ibiza Yoga F-I-E-S-T-A-S in 2015 in MAY &  JUNE we are fully booked for SEPTEMBER and just added a new date of OCTOBER 1-4TH 2015 !



If you need to re-charge, cut loose, dance, play, chill your boots and let your inner magic unwind and unleash itself back to nature, these week long breaks & weekenders this summer will provide the lift you need to re-connect and create a new synergy and energy within your body.

JoGa Beats FIESTA series are set in a secluded area in the North of the island, At Samskara Ibiza.

Yogi Beach Bunnies...

Our yogi residence is just a hop, skip and a jump to the sandy, rugged beauty of Cala San Vincente in the real North of the island and hippy markets.

Dynamic JoGa Beats sessions & Vinyasa flow classes will take place in the mornings to fire you U-P.

Our evenings will have a more restorative & relaxed sunset flow to ground you and wind you down for bedtime in our beautiful Finca residence, as well as a variety of sound workshops,  dance & meditation.

A mix of yogi challenges will be provided for all levels and we will roll with the ebb and flow of your needs during the week, creating time for you to  listen to your bodies needs, something you don’t get time for back home.

JoGa Beats


JoGa Beats is a music led, Vinyasa Flow practice created by Jo, where we link our breath to the beat in parts of the session creating a meditative, but often playful flow through the postures, often coming off our matt and exploring into playful movement and an exploration of range of motion. All classes are backed by a kick arse sound track…..to infuse the flows.

In the evenings we have Ibiza resident Leanna Buchannen with her unique Yoga Mojo Flow who will lead a more relaxed and restorative sunset flow session to wind you down and drop you down a gear and get you ready for bed time.


Leanna ‘s style compliments Jo perfectly, with much more than a series of stretches and ohms, her sessions focus on mental and physical alignment.



Samskara  is nestled in the hills of Cala San Vincente and has a lot of space for you to roam our land and take some YOU time after our sunset and morning yoga sessions, multiple terraces to choose from for breakfast, meditation, sunbathing and watching the stunning sunset/sunrise views across the countryside, where all you can hear is the surround sound of the birds and nature humming.



Included in the week, is a sunrise beach meditation at a secret location, sunset yoga session at the heart of the island  – the mysterious Es Vedra – the third most magnetic spot in the world with a very special energy, a Saturday session at Ibiza Rocks house for a very special JoGa Beats workshop with a live DJ and Tapas menu dinner after class and to finish we take JoGa on our final night to Sunset Ashram In Cala Compte, in the south of the island.

Class will commence at 6pm, with dinner to follow at their divine restaurant (not included).

You are encouraged to hire a car on the retreat (for an additional cost), which we can help you arrange, for extra freedom to explore ibiza at your own pace & flow.

The first week will begin at 4pm on Day 1 with yoga commencing at 6pm and we wrap up our final day after yoga and our final goodbye brunch (apprx Midday checkout).

Dates for 2015 in IBIZA are May 7-14th and September 1-8th £780 – 950 Euros per person, plus flights, which are currently £50 from London on www.skyscanner.net. Dates for GOA are listed here.

We also have a weekender booked in for June 5-7th & October 1-4th for those wanting a long weekend away – the cost for these dates are 500 EUROS for 3 nights. Camping is optional.

All brunches, dinner (apart from our final meal at Sunset ashram), yoga and accomodation is included in this price. Brunch will be served at 11am after yoga. Dinner commences at 8pm.

The menu is completely vegetarian with a variety of fresh seasonal salads, fruit juices, energising smoothies & protein plates, designed to lighten the load. We also cater for any other food allergies if specified.

For any enquiries or further questions, feel free to email Jo for any more details or any questions you may have on Jo@JoYoule.co.uk OR TEXT//CALL //WHATSAPP ON 0034 692910772






Past Retreats  

2012 has been a busy year in the JoGa Calandar with four retreats over the Summer/Winter.

Our first Yoga retreat was held in May in Shoreham, Kent at The Quadrangle Trust.


Jo flew in Ayurvedic Dr Kamaraj for the weekend to share his Hatha, Dynamic & Ashtanga classes, Acro Yoga workshops and Yoga Massage treatments, as well as serving up her own music led, JoGa Beats sessions.

The sun was out on a rare UK heatwave weekend and the grounds of the 18th Century farmhouse were rammed with bikini clad Jogini’s lapping up the rays.



In July, Jo returned to Shoreham with a selection of European Teachers she had met on her travels, Finland’s finest Reiki and yoga teacher, Johanna Harju & Switzerland’s Shiatsu specialist, Catherine Lippuner.

This retreat had a theme of Let It Loose and we used a series of dance music meditations, Osho meditations and Music led Vinyasa Yoga Classes to ramp things up a notch to set people free from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

In October Jo returned to her old favourite romping ground of Ibiza for the first international JoGa retreat. The villa was located near San Jose in the serene surroundings of a private fruit Orchard, right near Cala Tarida.

Jo hosted daily Vinyasa Flow classes, sunrise/sunset meditation and JoGa Beats classes both on the beach, at Elements. We also attended Healing Ibiza at the Atzaro Spa Hotel, an event which kicks off and ends each season. Free yoga classes, wokshops and treatments are available as well as full use of the 5 star spa venues facilities, pool and restaurant. We will be heading back to the white isle 2-9 May 2013 for another retreat, that will include this event.

Atzaro Spa Hotel

There will also be an end of season retreat in Ibiza 3-10th October 2013. The schedule will be the same as the retreat outlined in Ibiza for May, with the Healing Ibiza festival included.

For bookingsor enquiries email Jo@Joyoule.co.uk.





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