JoGa was created from a fusion of Jo’s three biggest passions in life: Dance, Music and Yoga.

After 10 years working as a Music journalist for radio in London and hosting her own dance music show she began to feel her own practice mould into a more breath and beat linked movement meditation.

In North Goa, Jo took her first 200 hour teacher training in Vinyasa flow, creating classes back in her brighton home that fused her love for music and movement.

Her second 500 hour TTC & exploration of the practice is when things really fell into place in 2014 as she again studied in India, this time with Julie Martin, an Ex-choreographer and dancer from New York, moving into a non-linear and less structured frame of reference.

The results of these intense studies and recent trips back to New York to work with more dancers have taken JoGa from a less vinyasa based flow to incorporate elements of free flow and a focus on fascia, with a firm link to the breath and exploration into range of motion and movement within the body.

Joga places an emphasis on our own unique structure and ability to move within that framework in a way the feels good first and foremost and secondly in a way that makes the practice accessible to all, no matter what size, shape, age or flexibility – oh and with a LOT of fun thrown in for good measure.


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