JoGa Beats Ibiza Yoga F-I-E-S-T-A  2014
Mar 2014 30

After the full house that was the JoGa Beats retreat in May 2014, we are back this October 9-16th, in a brand new retreat space on the island, Casa Solara.

If you need to re-charge, cut loose, dance, play, chill your boots and let your inner magic unwind and unleash itself back to nature, this week long break will provide the lift you need to re-connect and create a new synergy and energy within your body.

The JoGa Beats camp will be set in a secluded area in the campo in the North of the island,  in the stunning Can Guasch-Atzaro valley, on the road towards Benirras Beach.

This year, Jo teams up with Ayda Ellis, the only anusara trained teacher on the island, to provide the yin to her yogi yang, as Joga Beats sessions will fire you up in the morning, with Ayda bringing you back to planet earth, with sunset sessions overlooking the the beautiful fruit orchard.

We will also spend a day at the 5 star Pikes Hotel, where WHAM! filmed CLUB Tropicana for a day of yoga workshops and breathing to the beat, while soundtracked, by a live dj, Plus pop into the cultural heritage site of Dalt Vila for a day walking, shopping and taking in the stunning sights.

For more info check out the RETREAT here.


JoGa Beats @ Healing Ibiza
Mar 2014 21

JoGa Beats will take place at the Healing Ibiza festival for the second year running Sunday  May 12 at 6pm  2013.

Jo is delighted to form part of the yoga teaching team at this year’s event once again after opening proceedings at the festival last year.

She was  inspired to make her move to the island after attending the festival  in October 2012 and having her eyes opened to a whole new side of the island & meeting like minded spirits and souls…some of whom she caught up with last year to preview the event:

Healing Ibiza May preview podcast by Healingibiza on Mixcloud

JoGa Beats Dance weekender
Aug 2013 03

As a warm up for Bestival, JoGa Beats is holding a dance weekender in Shoreham, Kent this month.

The weekend kicks off with some wholesome hearty, Indian homemade goodness to fire up your belly and your passion, from the inside out.

After a late afternoon lunch we have a restorative yoga session on Friday night, to gear us up for Saturdays dance-a-thon!

Saturday morning kicks off with JoGa Beats and after breakfast, Nathan takes over the 18th Century dance space at The Quadrangle Trust.

Exercises from contemporary dance are used for improved alignment and the release of tension, promoting economy of movement and ease of expression in more freeform dance and group improvisations.

Individually, in partners and in groups he will use imagery to connect us with both our inner space and our outer environment in a playful and joyous approach.

The evenings will again be restorative with Laura Smail leading our yoga practice, before we sit down to another feast for the body and Soul.

Sunday will also see Jo test out her workshops for Bestival, using the beat of her music led practice, to link our breath to the flow, in a unique and meditative twist on our usual vinyasa flow sessions.

Sundays workshop with Nathan will again build on Saturdays sequencing and ideas and the weekend will finish off with afternoon Tea before check out at 3pm.

For more details PM jo on

May 2013 28

Once called the most sophisticated drugs baron of all time, Howard Marks eventually got caught and banged up in one of America’s toughest and roughest state penitentiary’s.

Yoga was key to being able to cope with  his 7 years inside and also acted as a gateway to meet others prisoners facing the death sentence.

As Jo Youle went to meet him at Ibiza Rocks house, just before teaching her first JoGa Beats class there at the Rockovery yoga temple,  he told Jo “Yoga is a bit like drugs, but deeper.”

JoGa Beats meets Howard Marks by Jogabeats on Mixcloud

JoGa Beats…Naturally.
Apr 2013 16

After kicking off 2013 teaching on the sandy beaches of Mandrem in Goa, India, JoGa Beats now has a new home on The White isle.

Having spent the winter in India fusing her three biggest passions: Music, Dance & Yoga, Jo felt a new home was also required to give her classes the best platform and foundation to let them grow organically, in the sunshine in Ibiza!

Her first session was at the brand new market in Ibiza’s Old Town and JoGa Beats will be back again this weekend.

Called Natural Is, it has the full support of the Healing Ibiza festival and much of the same team on board giving treatments, massages and selling healthy treats to roll you into your weekend on the right foot.

JoGa Beats kicks off at 12pm and is totally FREE, just like this taster class on Jo’s Mixcloud page.


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