Jun 2019 05

Join us in paradise at our brand new Ibizenco Finca for 5 days of movement medicine in the northern tip of the island and daily coaching with Ben Bidwell, aka The Naked Professor.

As a duo Jo and Ben will offer time out for you to get out of your head and into your Heart through yoga, meditation, breathwork, hiking and dance, while Ben will create space for you to tap into your full soul calling.

Mail us on to jump on board with us from the 14-19th October at our stunning venue which is more than 400 years old.

Check the photos here:

Jul 2018 11


Just 555 per person for two people sharing on this movement medicine weekender in Ibiza.

Come and join us on the white Isle……. 11-14th August 2018.

Drop us an email to book on 

Jul 2018 06

Heading to latitude next weekend 12-15th JULY 2018?

Join Jo for her daily workshops at the festival to keep yourself limber at Latitude.

Classes commence on Thursday 12 July at 6.30pm Landing sessions to get you fully grounded before festival kick off we root into an earthy reggae fuelled flow.

Friday 5pm We fire it up a little ready for the night head with some spirals and more dynamic exploration through breath and movement and some beat led, breath linked sequencing.

Saturday 3.30pm we take a more slow spiral infused flow and Adventure around our matts with some Afro beat and artists from the festival line up to get you Warmed up and ready for the D Floor.


Still some day passes and weekend tickets still available.

Be lovely to know who will be there already!! Hit me UP and lets connect….

Apr 2018 30

It has been a while since the last JoGa Beats Yoga Fiesta, two years to be precise.

So this summer we are going back to our roots and organising a weekend that has lots of healthy hiking in nature on the island and time to get grounded and plenty of time to practice. However we add into the mix a little time  to fuse with the origins of JoGa Beats – the Dance Floor.

We will take to WOOMOON IBIZA on the Sunday night for Cova Santa‘s signature festival style party on the second night of our retreat, right before sunset and only until the main terrace closes.

We will also incorporate a SUP session and dinner at Portinax’ finest restaurant for sunset.


Check the full Details here



Mar 2018 02


So this years mission?

To give away FREE spaces on RETREATS in ibiza to people that need them most.

Why? Because Ibiza retreats are not cheap. Rents are ridiculous for teachers and this means the cost of a week on the white isle puts it out of reach for most people.  So this year I am personally giving back by offering up one spot per event i create this summer. I am also launching a new projects called the Reset Rebel – a platform that will showcase our wellness experts on the island and give them an option to give back too. Keep your eyes peeled for the podcast where we will feature these interviews with out REBELS WITH A CAUSE starting next week and mail us if you know someone in need, who could REALLY do with a break, but maybe cant afford it?


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